Friday, June 26, 2015

That Confederate flag thing

Someone unfriended me on facebook this evening (I think). I wonder if it was because of something I posted about marriage equality. (I’m “Pro”.) 

I’ve not said much about Confederate battle flags, so let me say this (and maybe someone else will unfriend me): 

I’m all for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and feeling and all that. BUT (!) I think (and have thought for quite a while now) that it’s absolutely inappropriate for a government building or other public space to display a symbol which many people find offensive and which represents to many people hate, violence, and repression. Even if you happen to feel the display of such a symbol is an issue of pride and heritage, unless you’re really dumb or simply disingenuous you must be able to appreciate that lots of other people may find it distasteful, offensive, and even harmful. 

Also, along the same lines, I don’t think that government bodies, public schools, etc. should have prayers (or other religious elements) as part of their program or meeting or session, or whatever. The reason is that if this government or public event is representative of or intended for everyone (or citizens, voters, whatever) then it shouldn’t be imposing or supporting or ratifying a particular religion or religious idea. Even if you happen to feel such a simple religious gesture is uplifting and beneficial, unless you’re really dumb or simply disingenuous you must be able to appreciate that lots of other people may find it distasteful, offensive, and even harmful.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sense8 – my review

The first season of Sense8 just recently became available on netflix. It’s a little hard to describe without saying too much about the plot. It’s SORT OF a sci-fi/fantasy/action/drama, but really not any of those things, exactly. There’s a group of individuals from around the world who find themselves suddenly connected in some way they don’t understand. It’s a netflix original series, 12 episodes. I binge-watched six episodes each of the past two evenings. 

In all, I liked it a lot. I loved the international setting and cast. 

I had some picky issues with the editing at times. Basically, I couldn’t always tell when they showed scene #6 (for example) if it happened after or at the same time or the next day or even earlier than scene #5. It jumped around a lot in location and characters and which story-line they were following. Sometimes a character or characters would sort of get stuck in a past memory, and that I found to be a little dissatisfying. 

I did, however, like the editing in some of the action sequences, etc., especially later, once the people learned how to do the thing they do. (I don’t wanna give it away.) 

I liked the mix of action and drama and philosophical wondering. I really loved how sometimes these people’s “journey” was just about seeing the world and other people’s lives, connecting and reflecting on their own lives. I had expected more action/sci-fi type stuff, but didn't miss it while I was watching. In fact, more sci-fi stuff might’ve ruined it. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars, and I definitely look forward to seeing another season. 

morning shoot

Last night I thought I would get up early this morning, go out and find someplace to take photos. I’ve done that in the past, and I thought it would be a nice day for it. 

Well, I woke up early – around 6:30 – but all I wanted was to go back to sleep, so I did. The amount of energy it would take to get up and go do that just seemed massive, when I first woke up. It still seems massive right now, when I second woke up – a little after 8:00. 

So no outdoor pictures this morning, I guess. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, going out some morning. I’ve a couple of places in mind, but they’re not private. I just have to hope to find a time – like early on a Sunday morning – when there won’t be many people around. 

Maybe I will go out after all, when I’ve had a little coffee. It’s still relatively early, and maybe people won’t be out and about much. Then again, Sunday morning – the people out and about might be on their way to church, and those are just the type who might be offended, call the police out of shock and fear. 

What I really need is access to someplace reasonably private, so I can to do a shoot without worry somebody is going to happen by. Also, I need a model. A single naked man out somewhere probably looks much scarier to people than a photographer and a naked model. 

Lately, though, I’ve not had a lot of success at finding models. There are people who say they’re interested (some have said it over and over for a while now), but they never have the time to do it. Or, I should say, they never make the time. So, I suppose, I’ll just keep photographing myself.