Sunday, April 10, 2016

idea for a photo project

There are two photo projects I recently discovered.

The Nu Project is an ongoing project by a pair of photographers photographing volunteers (all women) around the world. And the Daily Portrait Berlin is a project where a Berliner photographs a person they don’t know, then the next day that model photographs a person they don’t know, etcThese projects are really cool, and they make me want to be involved in something similar. 

I don’t know of any such project locally, and I couldn’t find anything online. so I thought I’d try to start one. Since I have a really difficult time finding people willing to model for me, I thought I’d try taking myself out of the equation. Sort of. If I make it a submission kind of thing, then people do not have to commit to showing up for a photo, and also they would have a sense of choice and control of the images being used. 

I need to come up with a name for the project and a statement of purpose, start a page online somewhere, set up guidelines, and hope for submissions.

The purpose would be to say to the world, “Hey, I am a human, and, as such, I have a body. Having a body is not shameful nor is being nude. This is what my body happens to look like at this time, and that’s okay.” Or something like that. I need a name for this project that is interesting or catchy but that also concisely reflects that idea.

The guidelines would be something like:
     - decent quality artistic nudes or casual nudes of “ordinary people”
     - full-length or 3/4
     - may be individuals, couples or groups
     - please include a simple statement of permission by all people in the photo 
        and the photographer
     - photo size between 600 and 3000 pixels
     - no selfies; self-portraits are okay, but no arm’s length or mirror holding 
        your phone/camera photos
     - no close-ups of your genitalia or sexually explicit photos (that’s a totally 
        different sort of project) 
     - no overly edited, or obviously retouched photos
     - studio photos are okay, but the idea is simple, natural

I literally cannot do this alone. 

So, if anyone has suggestions or is interested in participating or in helping me get this thing going, please get in touch. 

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